Puster camps because we care!  Not only is this going to be a community event that will draw us all together as Puster parents and strengthen our children's friendships with one another, but it will also help raise much needed funds for our district.


We are all familiar with the decreased funding our district incurred this past legislative session.  Current school funding issues offer a challenge to our tradition of excellence.  An ever increasing percentage of our property tax dollars formerly designated for our schools, now leave the community to be re-distributed to other school districts across the state. Without adequate funding, the standard of excellence we like to refer to as “the Lovejoy way” is in jeopardy. It is increasingly clear that the only way to preserve our educational standards for future generations is through private funding and fundraising. The Lovejoy Board of Trustees set forth Initiative #5 that reads, " Lovejoy ISD will continue to develop revenue generating strategies as well as budget efficiencies to ensure the Lovejoy student experience is maintained at current levels."  The board wants to keep the academic experience the same and not touch the Nationally ranked educational experience our children are receiving.  In order to do this, the district and trustees have asked the community to help with trying to find new revenue streams. This campout is elementary parent’s way of helping.

Our goal is for this event is paid for completely with our sponsorship dollars.  Any sponsorship dollars over and above that, as well as your camping fees, will directly impact the Lovejoy budget deficit.  Anything over and above the $30,000 we are obligated to give to the district will come back to Puster Elementary to impact programs at our campus.

Meet Our Team!
Kevin Parker
Principal and CAMP Boss
Amy Bowers
Mika Thomas
Stephanie Reaugh
Kim Rollins
Rachel Luther
Courtney Etheredge
Kate Bronson
Michelle Gray 
Alyssa Boyd
Alesia Burnett
Sandy Mckinney
Jordan Adams